Recommended Tools and Resources for Do-it-Yourself

Keyword Research and SEO

Market Samurai

We can’t say enough about this software. Some of our favorite features:

  1. Extensive keyword research at the click of a button
  2. Comprehensive keyword research including competitive analysis (ie spy on your competitors)
  3. Create backlinks for your website
  4. Find Affiliate products in your Niche
  5. Track the ranking of your websites for your keyword phrases accross multiple search engines
  6. Find and write content

Market Samurai is not a monthly service. You buy the software and, at least for now you will get the updates for free.

You can also begin searching for keywords for free at Google: Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Website Hosting

Turn Your Blog into an Opt-in Page

AWeber is undeniably the biggest and possibly the best autoresponder service available because of their innovative features, email deliverability and the ease of use. We’ve used autoresponder and several knockoffs and AWeber out performs. AWeber doesn’t have a shopping cart attached like but it has made itself integratable with most 3rd party shopping carts through the use off API keys etc.

Register Your Domain