Web Marketing Explained: How Can I Exponentially Grow the Sales of My Product on the Web?

How can I exponentially grow the sales of my *** kit on the web? – Scott

Dear Scott

They way to exponential sales growth online is to follow good business practices that work offline too. Be strategic. The key strategy is to find a market that is looking to spend money to solve a problem, and then help them solve it. Of course, then you need to help them find you online and start a relationship with them. 

Selling is about relationships. People buy from people they know like and trust. The easiest way to sell a lot online is to build a list and strengthen your relationship with that list over time. The Marketing Monsoon System was built on these principles because they work.

Often, entrepreneurs come up with what they think is a grand idea for a product, put up a website and expect to make sales right off the bat. Ever hear the rule of thumb, it takes at least seven contacts to turn a lead into a customer? 

Why do we expect a visitor coming to our site for the first time to pull out their credit card? Very few visitors do that on the first visit. If there isn't a way or a reason to interact with you on the first visit, it's likely they won't be back and you could lose a customer because you don't have a way to market to them in the future.

Create a system that builds your list and give your visitors the opportunity to give you permission to market to them (A Permission-Based Marketing System). The better you get at identifying and understanding the market you are serving, the more skillfully you target your message and products to meet the needs of your market, the more you will sell. It's easy if you follow the principles!

Now, let me ask you a question – How are you engaging the visitors to your website and what can you do to interact with them more online? 

Thanks for Asking! I'd love to hear back from you!

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