Jayne Burch is Founder of  WEB ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT, LLC  and creator of the MARKETING MONSOON SYSTEM™ helping business owners unleash the power of the internet to build their businesses.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Jayne got started in internet marketing as a means to market her other profession, business coaching and consulting. She believes Internet marketing is the “must have” business skill set in the new Information Age.

She discovered the well optimized website is a business generator, and so created Marketing Monsoon System™, a set of powerful web marketing strategies, from her own successful Internet marketing experiences.

She found that by applying the same techniques such as finding just the right “long tail” keyword phrases, websites were being indexed and ranked in a matter of days. She started by helping friends and colleagues get the same results, and finally creating courses to teach the techniques.

Marketing Monsoon System™ is a trademark of Web Enterprise Development, LLC, founded by Jayne Burch in March, 2006. Jayne’s Internet marketing skills enhanced her already substantial business consulting practice.

Prior to business consulting, Jayne earned her Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus on family and social systems. She built a large following in the 1980’s as an expert in recovery from addictive relationships, and a thriving psychotherapy practice.

In the 1990’s she added organizational development to her skill set as a consultant for a large metropolitan Detroit health care organization where she focused on training leadership skills and a systems thinking approach to problem solving and performance improvement.

Jayne now earns her living from the internet and teaching others how to successfully promote any business on the web. She teaches the web marketing strategies she uses on her clients’ projects. She is a frequent speaker on the subjects of “Online Lead Generation” and “Getting the Right People to Find You Online.”

Jayne is a frequent featured instructor for Internet Marketing Classes at Wayne County Community College, in Detroit, Michigan and speaker at Internet Marketing groups.

To learn more about Jayne Burch and the Marketing Monsoon System™, please visit http://www.marketingmonsoon.com.

Jayne lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.