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How Content Marketing Fuels Your Lead Generation

Content Marketing

Are you struggling to get leads or convert leads into clients in your business? Do wish prospects would come looking for you instead having to beat the bushes continually? Are you spending too much time with prospects who aren’t your ideal client? Are you getting poor or no results from your online marketing efforts? You’re […]

Three Reasons Why Being Visible Online is Critical to Your Business


To grow your business, i.e. bring in more leads and convert more of those leads to clients, you first will need to have contacts. Traditionally, more contacts have come from advertising, networking, developing word-of-mouth connections and even cold calls. The Internet has changed all that.   The traditional methods of “pushing” your message out there […]

The Keywords You Use Make a Huge Difference


If you have someone creating a website for you, make sure that you provide them with the best keyword phrases for your niche. Unless, of course they will do the research for you, you will need to research those keywords yourself. The copy or text on your site must contain the words your market uses […]